Mortgage Broking


Elegance Accounting offers a mortgage broking service based on speed, efficiency and professionalism.

Characteristics of the services

  • A mortgage broker is an agent who must act in your best interest by negotiating a loan on your behalf whether it is a new loan, refinancing an existing one or for investment.
  • We shall begin the process by assessing your financial needs and objectives before conducting thorough research to get the most suitable deal that will match those needs and objectives.
  • You may think that you are not qualified to obtain a loan, and this is where Elegance Accounting will play its role by correcting this misbelief.
  • As a licensed broker we shall use our knowledge and skills to analyse your situation and discover the missing bit that will make you a successful candidate.
  • The lending market is very competitive and you will be surprised to know that it has many opportunities in which you can get a better deal you have never thought of.
  • Whether you are ready to apply for a loan or simply want more information before you commit, we are always available to give you the best advice that suits your needs.
  • We encourage you to read the articles listed below, which will give you a fair idea about the way to obtaining a loan. You can also use the loan calculator to work out the interest on your loan.


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Whatever your needs may be, we will always put your interest first and offer our services with integrity and dedication.

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